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International Press of Boston, Inc. is a scholarly publishing company founded in 1992, and based in Somerville, Massachusetts (near to Harvard University).

We currently publish twenty-two journals dealing with various fields of academic mathematics research, including a journal of statistics (Statistics and Its Interface), a journal on applications of geometry to computer imaging (Geometry, Imaging and Computing), a Chinese-language journal, Mathematics, Science, History and Culture (數理人文), and two annual books (Surveys in Differential Geometry and Current Developments in Mathematics).

We also publish high-level mathematics and mathematical physics book titles, including monographs, textbooks, and several long-running book series.

International Press draws its editors and authors from a worldwide network of talent which includes many of the most notable and important mathematicians in their respective fields.

International Press brings you Acta Mathematica and Arkiv för Matematik

We are pleased to announce that, beginning with subscription year 2017, International Press will be the exclusive producer and distributor (in print and online) of the venerable journals Acta Mathematica and Arkiv för Matematik, by arrangement with their owner and publisher, the Institut Mittag-Leffler, of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Also, by arrangement with the Institut Mittag-Leffler, International Press now provides fully open online access to the entire content of Acta Mathematica and Arkiv för Matematik — from their first issues (of 1882 and 1949 respectively) to the most recent.

For current information about Acta Mathematica and Arkiv för Matematik, please visit the website of the Institut Mittag-Leffler, and see the journals’ home pages on our website at intlpress.com/acta and intlpress.com/arkiv.

2017 journal subscriptions now being sold

We are currently selling 2017 journal subscriptions (including 2017 subscriptions to Acta Mathematica and Arkiv för Matematik).

Please visit our Journal Subscriptions page to download the 2017 subscription list price schedule.

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