Asian Journal of Mathematics

Volume 8 (2004)

Number 2

The Formula for the Singularity of Szegö Kernel: II

Pages: 353 – 362



Masatake Kuranisha


Let M be a strongly pseudoconvex hypersurface in Cn+1, i.e. the boundary of a domain Ω in Cn+1. The Szegö kernel KS(x, y), x,y ∈ M, is smooth outside of the diagonal x = y. The singularity at (x, x) is determined by the local datum at x of M, even though KS itself is a global object. Our problem is to write down the singularity at (x, x) in terms of the local equation of M in Cn+1. We fix a reference point, say p*, in M and only consider the germ of M at p*. Hence we we may shrink M near p* without mentioning it. We use as the model structure the boundary of the Siegel upper half space.

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