Asian Journal of Mathematics

Volume 8 (2004)

Number 4


Armand Borel

Anthony Knapp

Armand Borel

Jean-Pierre Serre

Armand Borel

Komaravolu Candrasekharan

Armand Borel

Enrico Bombieri

Armand Borel

Friedrich Hirzebruch

Armand Borel

Jacques Tits

Armand Borel

James Arthur

Armand Borel

Gopal Prasad

Local Fourier Transforms and Rigidity for D-Modules

Spencer Bloch and Helene Esnault

pp. 587-606

Conditional Base Change for Unitary Groups

Michael Harris and Jean-Pierre Labesse

pp. 653-684

The Chevallry Involution and a Duality of Weight Varieties

Bejamin J. Howard and John J. Millson

pp. 685-732

Weak Weyl's Law For Congruence Subgroups

Jean-Pierre LaBesse and Werner Muller

pp. 733-746

Microlocalization and Stationary Phase

Ricardo García Lopez

pp. 747-768

Convolution of Almost Characters

G. Lusztig

pp. 769-772

Generalized Harish-Chandra Modules with Generic Minimal t-Type

Ivan Penkov and Gregg Zuckerman

pp. 795-812

Transfer of Unitary Representations

Nolan R. Wallach and Chen-Bo Zhu

pp. 861-880