Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Volume 18 (2014)

Number 3

The Sen limit

Pages: 613 – 658



Adrian Clingher (Department of Mathematics, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.)

Ron Donagi (Department of Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Penn., U.S.A.)

Martijn Wijnholt (Arnold Sommerfeld Center, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, München, Germany)


$F$-theory compactifications on elliptic Calabi-Yau manifolds may be related to IIb compactifications by taking a certain limit in complex structure moduli space, introduced by A. Sen. The limit has been characterized on the basis of $SL(2, \mathrm{Z})$ monodromies of the elliptic fibration. Instead, we introduce a stable version of the Sen limit. In this picture the elliptic Calabi-Yau splits into two pieces, a $\mathbf{P}^1$-bundle and a conic bundle, and the intersection yields the IIb space-time.We get a precise match between $F$-theory and perturbative type IIb. The correspondence is holographic, in the sense that physical quantities seemingly spread in the bulk of the $F$-theory Calabi-Yau may be rewritten as expressions on the log boundary. Smoothing the $F$-theory Calabi-Yau corresponds to summing up the $D(-1)$-instanton corrections to the IIb theory.

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