Communications in Information and Systems

Volume 7 (2007)

Number 2

Hurst parameter estimation for epleptic seizure detection

Pages: 167 – 176



Mark G. Frei

Ivan Osorio


Estimation of the Hurst parameter provides information about the memory range orcorrelations (long vs. short) of processes (time-series). A new application for the Hurst parameter, real-time event detection, is identified. Hurst estimates using rescaled range, dispersional and bridgedetrended scaled windowed variance analyses of seizure time-series recorded from human subjects reliably detect their onset, termination and intensity. Detection sensitivity is unaltered by signal decimation and window size increases. The high sensitivity to brain state changes, ability to operate in real time and small computational requirements make Hurst parameter estimation using any of these three methods well suited for implementation into miniature implantable devices for contingent delivery of anti-seizure therapies.


Hurst parameter; epilepsy; seizure detection; electrocorticogram; implantable devices; contingent therapy

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