Communications in Information and Systems

Volume 7 (2007)

Number 4

On Optimal Screening and Quarantining Policy in a Network of Prisons

Pages: 313 – 336



Zheng-jian Bai

Wai-ki Ching

Yang Cong

Tuen-wai Ng


In this paper, we propose mathematical models for the spread of HIV in a network of prisons. We study the effect of both screening prisoners and quarantining infectives. Efficient algorithms based on Newton's method are then developed for computing the equilibrium values of the infectives in each prison. We also give an optimization formulation for obtaining the optimal screening and quarantine policy. The models and algorithms developed can be extended to model the spread of a disease in a general network of connected zones.


HIV; prison system; epidemic model; equilibrium point; Newton's method; screening policy; quarantine policy

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