Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 2 (2004)

Number 2

Analysis of 1 + 1 Dimensional Stochastic Models of Liquid Crystal Polymer Flows

Pages: 295 – 316



Tiejun Li

Pingwen Zhang

Xiang Zhou


We consider the stochastic model of concentrated Liquid Crystal Polymers(LCPs) in the plane Couette flow. The dynamic equation for the liquid crystal polymers is described by a nonlinear stochastic differential equation with Maier-Saupe interaction potential. The stress tensor is obtained from an ensemble average of microscopic polymer configurations. We present the local existence and uniqueness theorem for the solution of the coupled fluid-polymer system. We also analyze the error of a fully .nite di.erence-Monte Carlo hybrid numerical scheme by investigating the asymptotic behavior of weakly interacting processes. The rate of convergence of the full discretized scheme is derived.

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