Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 6 (2004)

Number 1


Symbol lengths in Milnor $K$-theory

Karim Johannes Becher and Detlev W. Hoffmann

pp. 17-31

On dimensions in Bredon homology

Brita E. A. Nucinkis

pp. 33-47

On the homotopy type of a chain algebra

Mahmoud Benkhalifa

pp. 109-135

Homology fibrations and “group-completion” revisited

Wolfgang Pitsch and Jérôme Scherer

pp. 153-166

Omega-categories and chain complexes

Richard Steiner

pp. 175-200

Galois theory and double central extensions

Marino Gran and Valentina Rossi

pp. 283-298

Diagonals on the permutahedra, multiplihedra and associahedra

Samson Saneblidze and Ronald Umble

pp. 363-411

Equivariant covering spaces and homotopy covering spaces

Steven R. Costenoble and Stefan Waner

pp. 473-500