Journal of Symplectic Geometry

Volume 2 (2004)

Number 2

Nonisotopic symplectic tori in the fiber class

Pages: 207 – 218



Stefano Vidussi


The purpose of this note is to present a construction of an infinite family of symplectic tori Tp,q representing an arbitrary multiple q[F] of the homology class [F] of the fiber of an elliptic surface E(n), for n ≥ 3, such that, for ij, there is no orientation-preserving diffeomorphism between (E(n), T(i,q)) and (E(n), T(i,q)). In particular, these tori are mutually nonisotopic. This complements previous results of Fintushel and Stern in [FS2], showing in particular the existence of such phenomenon for a primitive class.

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