Statistics and Its Interface

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4 issues per year


Heping Zhang (Yale University)


Ming-Hui Chen (University of Connecticut)

Yuedong Wang (University of California at Santa Barbara)

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introductory text

Aims and Scope

Exploring the interface between the field of statistics and other disciplines, including but not limited to: biomedical sciences, geosciences, computer sciences, engineering, and social and behavioral sciences. Publishes high-quality articles in broad areas of statistical science, emphasizing substantive problems, sound statistical models and methods, clear and efficient computational algorithms, and insightful discussions of the motivating problems.


Publishing since 2008.

4 issues per year.


Statistics and Its Interface is partially sponsored by The Mathematical Sciences Center (MSC) of Tsinghua University.

Special Notices

SII ranks high in ISI citation impact factor among statistical journals

Statistics and Its Interface achieved an ISI Web of Knowledge citation impact of 2.933 for calendar year 2014 — the second highest among all statistical journals that publish original articles.

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