Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 8 (2015)

Number 4


Front Matter

Statistical issues in binding site identification through CLIP-seq

Xiaowei Chen, Dongjun Chung, Giovanni Stefani, Frank J. Slack, and Hongyu Zhao

pp. 419-436

Single-sample SNP detection by empirical Bayes method using next-generation sequencing data

Weijie Ding, Qiang Kou, Xueqin Wang, Qiuya Xu, and Na You

pp. 457-462

motifDiverge: a model for assessing the statistical significance of gene regulatory motif divergence between two DNA sequences

Dennis Kostka, Tara Friedrich, Alisha K. Holloway, and Katherine S. Pollard

pp. 463-476

Detecting bacterial genomes in a metagenomic sample using NGS reads

Camilo Valdes, Meghan Brennan, Bertrand Clarke, and Jennifer Clarke

pp. 477-494

Rare variant testing across methods and thresholds using the multi-kernel sequence kernel association test (MK-SKAT)

Eugene Urrutia, Seunggeun Lee, Arnab Maity, Ni Zhao, Judong Shen, Yun Li, and Michael C. Wu

pp. 495-505

Estimation of gene co-expression from RNA-Seq count data

Alicia T. Specht and Jun Li

pp. 507-515