Online access

Online-access control

For institutional subscribers, we provide access to the online content of our journals, and to the annual books Surveys in Differential Geometry and Current Developments in Mathematics.

Online access is strictly by IP (internet protocol) address, not by username/password.

International Press keeps on file the IP address data of each subscribing institution. This IP address data applies to any and all subscriptions held by that institution. The data must be provided to us just once, and thereafter only when it changes.


Access to the online content of a new subscription is always activated within 24 hours after your order has been processed.

You need not request activation, unless you are providing us with a new or changed set of IP addresses.

Submitting IP address data changes, reporting lack of proper access

To submit IP address data changes, to report lack of proper online access to your subscription material, or to otherwise inquire about online access, please send an e-mail to:

Perpetual access for the subscribing institution

Upon purchase of a journal, the subscribing institution immediately receives ongoing and permanent access, for all futurity, to all online issues (of that journal) of the paid subscription year itself, and to all years prior to that subscription year.

If a customer chooses not to renew their subscription to a journal, the customer shall continue to receive permanent and ongoing access to all online issues (of that journal) of the last-paid subscription year, and from all years prior to the last-paid subscription year.

Open-access to back-issues

All older online journal issues—from subscription years four (4) or more prior to the current calendar year—have no access restrictions, and are entirely free for anyone to access online. Thus:

Open-access journals

The online access policies described on this page apply to all of our journals—excepting the two journals which International Press hosts entirely open-access online:


A subscribing institution is free to copy and archive online subscription material. The extent, and usage, of such archived material is limited by copyright law, and by our written online access agreement with the institution.

Electronic Access Agreement (for end-customers)

We ask that an authorised representative of each end-customer (library, institute, etc.) carefully read the Electronic Access Agreement, then sign it, and return a facsimile copy of the signed agreement to us by mail or fax. By signing the agreement, you declare that you understand the terms and condition of use of our online and electronic journal content.

Each customer needs to sign the electronic access agreement just once, and thereafter only when and if International Press (or the customer) finds it necessary to modify any of the terms of the agreement.

Simply click here to download a PDF of the document:

Electronic Access Agreement (for all journals)