Books & single journal issues

Contact information, order processing, and payment

Please see General ordering/payment information.

For booksellers: Book discount rates and shipping

Book discount rates are by arrangement with each distributor or bookseller who purchases stock or sells on consignment.

Terms of stock shipment are also by arrangement with each distributor or bookseller.

To discuss discount rates or terms of shipment, please contact Customer Service.

List prices of books

Please note that the list price of each book publication is given with its listing in the Books section of the website.

When books are ordered retail directly from International Press, our standard shipping fees and methods apply. (See below.)

Standard shipping fees/methods: for retail book or journal single-issue orders direct from International Press

Book return policy

Purchased books must be returned to us in their original (i.e., new) condition:

Please return merchandise, with paperwork, to our warehouse at this address:

Attn: Donna Machonis
Publishers Storage and
Shipping Corp.
46 Development Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420-6019

With your return, please enclose a copy of the purchase order or the paid sales invoice of the merchandise being returned, or indicate the relevant purchase order number or invoice number.

It is recommended that you pack your return securely in a sturdy shipping carton, and use a reliable, traceable, and verifiable shipping method to return books. International Press is not liable for book returns which are lost or damaged in transit.

Claims for unreceived items

When customer claims that an item—either a book or a singly-ordered journal issue—has not been received, the claim will be honored and a replacement shipped at no charge only under these conditions: (1) sufficient time has been allowed for shipment of the item; (2) I.P. cannot provide any proof of delivery to shipping address given by the customer for that order.

Once it has been determined that a replacement item will be sent, the customer will be asked to confirm the shipping address, and then a replacement item will be shipped by UPS or FedEx, the shipment being trackable online. If the shipment’s delivery address was shipping address confirmed by the customer, and if the shipper’s records indicate that the replacement item was delivered to that address, then the claim shall be closed. Once the claim is closed, the customer will be required to purchase any replacement item and to pay for its shipment.

Purchase of single journal issues

Printed journal issues may be purchased individually.

To inquire about the price and availability of any single printed journal issue—from either the current subscription year or past years, please contact International Press customer service.

Single journal issue return policy

We do not accept returns of single journal issues.