Journal subscriptions & prices

We are currently taking orders for the 2024 subscription year.

Journal subscription list prices

2024 Institutional List Prices

For agencies purchasing subscriptions

Agencies purchasing subscriptions must re-sell those subscriptions directly to the actual end-users (i.e., to libraries) and must identify those end-users for us — providing each end-user's name, location, website address, contact information, and IP addresses for online access.

We do not sell subscriptions which will be re-sold to other agencies or to re-sellers.

Contact information, order processing, and payment

Please see General ordering/payment information.

Shipping method and time to allow for shipment

Immediately after a new journal issue is printed, copies are shipped to customers both within and without the United States by U.S. Postal Service bulk mail; and, outside the United States, will be delivered by the destination country’s postal service.

Subscription cancellation policy

No request for cancellation with refund of a journal subscription will be accepted, unless the request is justified by exceptional circumstances.

If a journal has fallen behind by 12 (twelve) months or more, in publication of a given subscription year, International Press shall promptly honor any customer’s request for cancellation with refund of the customer’s subscription to that journal, for that subscription year.

Claims for unreceived journal issues

When customer claims that a printed journals, shipped as part of a subscription, has not been received, the claim will be honored and a replacement shipped at no charge only under these conditions: (1) sufficient time has been allowed for shipment of the item; (2) I.P. cannot provide any proof of delivery to shipping address given by the customer for that order.

Once it has been determined that a replacement item will be sent, the customer will be asked to confirm the shipping address, and then a replacement item will be shipped by UPS or FedEx, the shipment being trackable online. If the shipment’s delivery address was shipping address confirmed by the customer, and if the shipper’s records indicate that the replacement item was delivered to that address, then the claim shall be closed. Once the claim is closed, the customer will be required to purchase any replacement item and to pay for its shipment.

Journal production status

At any time, you can see the current production/shipping status of each forthcoming International Press journal issue.