Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Abhay V. Ashtekar (Pennsylvania State University)

Elliott Lieb (Princeton University)

Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)

Barton Zwiebach (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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Closed Issues Awaiting Publication

The following issues are closed (i.e., finalized) and awaiting publication:

24.5, 24.6, 24.7, 24.8, 25.1, 25.2, 25.3, 25.4

Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
24.51The Conway Moonshine is a reflected $K3$ theory

A. Taormina

K. Wendland

24.52Generalized symmetry relations for connection matrices in the phase-integral method

A.G. Kutlin

24.53A construction of quarter BPS coherent states and Brauer algebras

H. Lin

K. Zeng

24.54Magnificent Four

N. Nekrasov

24.55Remarks on intersection numbers and integrable hierarchies. I. Quasi-triviality.

B. Dubrovin

D. Yang

24.56The Regularity Transformation Equations: An Elliptic Mechanism for Smoothing Gravitational Metrics in General Relativity

M. Reintjes

B. Temple

24.61JT Gravity and the Ensembles of Random Matrix Theory

D. Stanford

E. Witten

24.62Degenerate quantum general linear groups

J. Cheng

Y. Wang

R.B. Zhang

24.63On the conformal method for the Einstein constraint equations

M. Anderson

24.64Evaluating Quasi-local Angular Momentum and Center-of-Mass at Null Infinity

J. Keller

Y.-K. Wang

S.-T. Yau

24.71Opers, surface defects, and Yang-Yang functional

S. Jeong

N. Nekrasov

24.72Recounting Special Lagrangian Cycles in Twistor Families of $K3$ Surfaces. Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Count BPS States

S. Kachru

A. Tripathy

M. Zimet

24.73Invertible phases of matter with spatial symmetry

D. Freed

M. Hopkins

24.74Anomaly cancellation in the topological string

K. Costello

S. Li

24.75Unifying Lattice Models, Links and Geometric Langlands via Branes in String Theory

M. Ashwinkumar

M.-C. Tan

24.81ADE Transform

R. Donagi

M. Wijnholdt

24.82Higher genus knot contact homology and recursion for colored HOMFLY-PT polynomials

T. Ekholm

L. Ng

24.83Unification of integrability in supersymmetric gauge theories

K. Costello

Junya Yagi

25.11Higher Kac-Moody algebras and symmetries of holomorphic field theories

O. Gwilliam

B. Williams

25.12Deformation quantization with minimal length

Z. Domański

M. Blaszak

25.13A nonabelian duality for (higher) gauge theories

J. Pulmann

P. Ševera

F. Valach

25.14Quasi-Local Mass near the Singularity, the Event Horizon and the Null Infinity of Black Hole Spacetimes

N. Gudapati

S.-T. Yau

25.15Boundary $N=2$ Theory, Floer Homologies, Affine Algebras, and the Verlinde Formula

M. Ashwinkumar

K.-S. Png

M.-C. Tan

25.21Supertranslation invariance of angular momentum

P.-N. Chen

M.-T. Wang

Y.-K. Wang

S.-T. Yau

25.22Quaternionic Analysis, Representation Theory and Physics II

I. Frenkel

M. Libine

25.23Invertible field transformations with derivatives: necessary and sufficient conditions

E. Babichev

K. Izumi

N. Tanahashi

M. Yamaguchi

25.24Boundary structure of general relativity in tetrad variables

G. Canepa

A.S. Cattaneo

M. Schiavina

25.25Rank $N$ Vafa-Witten invariants, modularity and blow-up

S. Alexandrov

25.26Static Black Holes in Higher Dimensional Einstein-Skyrme Models

B.E. Gunara

F.T. Akbar

R. Fadli

D.M. Akbar

H. Susanto

25.31Nonarchimedean Holographic Entropy from Networks of Perfect Tensors

M. Heydeman

M. Marcolli

S. Parikh

I. Saberi

25.32The $N$=2 supersymmetric Calogero-Sutherland model and its eigenfunctions

L. Alarie-Vezina

L. Lapointe

P. Mathieu

25.33Classification of crystalline topological insulators through $K$-theory

L. Stehouwer

J. de Boer

J. Kruthoff

H. Posthuma

25.41The Charge 2 Monopole via the ADHMN Construction

H.W. Braden

V.Z. Enolski

25.42Line bundles over Coulomb branches

A. Braverman

M. Finkelberg

H. Nakajima

25.43The universal von Neumann algebra of smooth four-manifolds

G. Etesi

25.44Higher-spin kinematics & no ghosts on quantum space-time in Yang–Mills matrix models

H. Steinacker