Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Lars Andersson (Beijing Inst. of Math. Sci. & Appl.)

Michael Douglas (CMSA, Harvard University)

Rajesh Gopakumar (Int'l Centre for Theoretical Sci.)

Anton Kapustin (CalTech)

Xiao-Gang Wen (M.I.T.)

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Closed Issues Awaiting Publication

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
27.5Entangled Quantum States of Causal Fermion Systems and Unitary Group Integrals

F. Finster

N. Kamran

M. Reintjes

27.5Hyperbolic Energy and Maskit Gluings

P. T. Chruściel

E. Delay

R. Wutte

27.5Mahler Measuring the Genetic Code of Amoebae

S. Chen

Y.-H. He

E. Hirst

A. Nestor

A. Zahabi

27.5Quantization of derived cotangent stacks and gauge theory on directed graphs

Marco Benini

Jonathan P. Pridham

Alexander Schenkel

27.6Conformal Geometry and Half-integrable Spacetimes

B. Araneda

27.6Instanton Counting and Donaldson-Thomas Theory on Toric Calabi-Yau Four-Orbifolds

R. Szabo

M. Tirelli

27.6Interface Currents and Corner States in Magnetic Quarter-plane Systems

D. Ojito

27.6MSW-type Compactifications of 6d $(1,0)$ SCFTs on 4-manifolds

J. Chen

Z. Chen

W. Cui

B. Haghighat

27.6Vafa-Witten Theory: Invariants, Floer Homologies, Higgs Bundles, a Geometric Langlands Correspondence, and Categorification

Z.-C. Ong

M.-C. Tan

27.7Differential Cohomology and Topological Actions in Physics

J. Davighi

B. Gripaios

O. Randal-Williams

27.7Obstructions to Distinguished Riemannian Metrics via Lorentzian Geometry

A. Aazami

27.7On One-loop Corrected Dilaton Action in String Theory

M. Kim

27.7Second-order Mass Estimates for Static Vacuum Metrics with Small Bartnik Data

D. Wiygul

27.7Solving the Linearized Field Equations of the Causal Action Principle in Minkowski Space

F. Finster

27.8$K_2$ and Quantum Curves

C. Doran

M. Kerr

S. Sinha-Babu

27.8Energy Spectrum of a constrained Quantum Particle and the Willmore Energy of the constraining Surface

V. Gimeno i Garcia

S. Markvorsen

27.8From Short-Range to Mean-Field Models in Quantum Lattices

J.-B. Bru

W. de Siqueira Pedra

K. Rodrigues Alves

27.8Fuchsian ODEs as Seiberg Dualities

S. Cecotti

27.8Topological Operators, Noninvertible Symmetries and Decomposition

E. Sharpe

28.1A QFT for non-semisimple TQFT

T. Creutzig, T. Dimofte, N. Garner, N. Geer

28.1Chiral topologically ordered states on a lattice from vertex operator algebra

N. Sopenko

28.1Jacobian Calabi-Yau $3$-fold and charge completeness in six-dimensional theory

Y. Kimura

28.2A correspondence between deep Boltzmann machines and $p$-adic statistical field theories

W. A. Zúñiga-Galindo

28.2Contact geometric mechanics: the Tulczyjew triples

K. Grabowska, J. Grabowski

28.2The geometry of picture changing operators

C. Cremonini

28.2Topological correlators of $SU(2) N=2$ SYM on four-manifolds

J. Manschot, G. Moore

--Topological quantum gravity of the Ricci Flow

A. Frenkel

P. Horava

S. Randall