Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Lars Andersson (Beijing Inst. of Math. Sci. & Appl.)

Michael Douglas (CMSA, Harvard University)

Rajesh Gopakumar (Int'l Centre for Theoretical Sci.)

Anton Kapustin (CalTech)

Xiao-Gang Wen (M.I.T.)

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General Information

Submit your paper for consideration to: Please submit your paper to

(We ask that you do not send your submission to an editor.)

Posting on ArXiv: Paper must be posted to prior to submission.

Authoring Template/Instructions: Click here to download.

Consent-to-Publish: Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the author(s) must sign and submit a consent-to-publish agreement to International Press.

Copyright: Author has the option to retain copyright of his or her paper.

Paper format(s) of initial submission. Required: Adobe PDF file.

Paper format(s) upon acceptance. Required: LaTeX, author-compiled Adobe PDF as reference. Preferred: LaTeX 2e, using the specified LaTeX 2e authoring template.

About Submissions

Instructions for submitting a paper for publication

  1. Prepare the paper in the Latex2e format specified on this page.
  2. Submit your paper to

Selection and Acceptance

Papers that are published by invitation are selected by members of the editorial committee and are published immediately after the author’s authorization.

Papers that are submitted to the journal for publication are sent to members of the editorial committee for evaluation.

The standards of Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics are quite high, and only professional contributions will be considered for publication. The entire editorial board must approve the acceptance of any paper.