Communications in Information and Systems

Newest issue

Volume 22 (2022)

Number 3

Special issue on bioinformatics and biophysics in honor of professor Michael Waterman on his 80th birthday

Guest Editors: Fengzhu Sun (University of Southern California), Guowei Wei (Michigan State University), Stephen S.-T. Yau (Tsinghua University), and Shan Zhao (University of Alabama)



Fengzhu Sun, Guowei Wei, Stephen S.-T. Yau, and Shan Zhao

pp. 303-304

Nucleotide amino acid k-mer vector: an alignment-free method for comparing genomic sequences

Xiaona Bao, Lily He, Jingan Cui, and Stephen S.-T. Yau

pp. 317-337

A graph-theoretical approach to DNA similarity analysis

Dong Quan Ngoc Nguyen, Lin Xing, Phuong Dong Tan Le, and Lizhen Lin

pp. 383-400