Communications in Information and Systems

Newest issue

Volume 22 (2022)

Number 2


Neural-PDE: a RNN based neural network for solving time dependent PDEs

Yihao Hu, Tong Zhao, Shixin Xu, Lizhen Lin, and Zhiliang Xu

pp. 223-245

Computing electrostatic binding energy with the TABI Poisson–Boltzmann solver

Leighton Wilson, Jingzhen Hu, Jiahui Chen, Robert Krasny, and Weihua Geng

pp. 247-273

Compression and symmetry of small-world graphs and structures

Ioannis Kontoyiannis, Yi Heng Lim, Katia Papakonstantinopoulou, and Wojtek Szpankowski

pp. 275-302