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Shi Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

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--A note on semi-groups of stochastic gradient descent and online principal component analysis

Yuanyuan Feng

Lei Li

Jian-Guo Liu

2018 Jan 29
--Boundary layer analysis for the fast horizontal rotating fluids

Wei-Xi Li

Van-Sang Ngo

Chao-Jiang Xu

2018 Nov 28
--The local existence of strong solutions to the Cauchy problem of two-dimensional density-dependent magnetic Bénard problem with nonnegative density

Xin Zhong

2019 Nov 18
--Blow up of a Hyperbolic SQG Model

Hang Yang

2020 Dec 17
--Analysis of the time-domain PML problem for the electromagnetic scattering by periodic structures

Yanli Chen

Yixian Gao

Peijun Li

2022 Jan 24
--Second order accurate Dirichlet boundary conditions for linear nonlocal diffusion problems

Hwi Lee

Qiang Du

2022 Jan 24
--A second-order well-balanced Lagrange-projection scheme for shallow water Exner equations in 1D and 2D

Christophe Chalons

Alessia Del Grosso

2022 Jan 27
--A fully well-balanced scheme for shallow water equations with Coriolis force.

Vivien Desveaux

Alice Masset

2022 Jan 27
--Degenerate Cahn-Hilliard and incompressible limit of a Keller-Segel model

Charles Elbar

Benoît Perthame

Alexandre Poulain

2022 Jan 29
--On a system associated with p-wave superconductivity in $R^2$

Qinghua Chen

Yutian Lei

2022 Feb 2
--Reinforced optimal control

Denis Belomestny

Christian Bayer

Paul Hager

Paolo Pigato

John Schoenmakers

Vladimir Spokoiny

2022 Feb 5
--Global smooth solutions to the 3D non-resistive MHD equations with low regularity axisymmetric data

Xiaolian Ai

Zhouyu Li

2022 Feb 6
--Asymptotic behavior of solutions to the outflow problem for the compressible Navier-Stokes-Maxwell equations

Huancheng Yao

Changjiang Zhu

2022 Feb 11
--Blow-up time of strong solutions to a biological network formation model in high space dimensions

Xiangsheng Xu

2022 Feb 12
--Heterogeneous multiscale methods for rough-wall laminar viscous flow

Sean Patrick Carney

Björn Engquist

2022 Feb 16
--Homogenization of Parabolic Systems with Singular Perturbations

Qing Meng

Weisheng Niu

2022 Feb 23
--Rarefied gas dynamics with external fields under specular reflection boundary condition

Yunbai Cao

2022 Feb 25
--On BV-instability and Existence for Linearized Radial Euler Flows

Helge Kristian Jenssen

Yushuang Luo

2022 Mar 1
--Large, moderate deviations principle and $\alpha$-limit for the 2D Stochastic LANS-$\alpha$

Zakaria Idriss Ali

Paul Andre Razafimandimby

Tesfalem Abate Tegegn

2022 Mar 12
--Local wellposedness of quasilinear Maxwell equations with conservative interface conditions

Roland Schnaubelt

Martin Spitz

2022 Mar 21
--Existence of smooth solutions to the Landau-Fermi-Dirac equation with Coulomb potential

William Golding

Maria Pia Gualdani

Nicola Zamponi

2022 Mar 21
--An asymptotic preserving scheme for Lévy-Fokker-Planck equation with fractional diffusion limit

Wuzhe Xu

Li Wang

2022 Mar 23
--High energy blowup and blowup time for a class of semilinear parabolic equations with singular potential on manifolds with conical singularities

Yuxuan Chen

Runzhang Xu

Vicenţiu D. Rădulescu

2022 Mar 28
--A Generalized Mean-Field Game Model for the Dynamics of Pedestrians with Limited Predictive Abilities

Emiliano Cristiani

Arianna De Santo

Marta Menci

2022 Mar 28
--Continuum Limits for Adaptive Network Dynamics

Marios Antonios Gkogkas

Christian Kuehn

Chuang Xu

2022 Apr 7
--Kinetic Model for Myxobacteria with Directional Diffusion

Laura Kanzler

Christian Schmeiser

2022 Apr 8
--Stabilized exponential time differencing schemes for the convective Allen-Cahn equation

Yongyong Cai

Lili Ju

Rihui Lan

Jingwei Li

2022 Apr 9
--Low-Mach type approximation of the Navier-Stokes system with temperature and salinity for free surface flows.

Léa Boittin

François Bouchut

Marie-Odile Bristeau

Anne Mangeney

Jacques Sainte-Marie

Fabien Souillé

2022 Apr 9
--Dissipation enhancement for a degenerated parabolic equation

Yu Feng

Bingyang Hu

Xiaoqian Xu

2022 Apr 19
--Global Convergence of Triangularized Orthogonalization-free Method

Weiguo Gao

Yingzhou Li

Bichen Lu

2022 Apr 20
--Local solvability for a quasilinear wave equation with the far field degeneracy: 1D case

Yuusuke Sugiyama

2022 Apr 22
--The existence and limit behavior of the shock layer for 1D stationary compressible non-Newtonian fluids

ZhenHua Guo

Yifan Su

Jinjing Liu

2022 May 7
--Asymptotic behavior of solutions to the unipolar hydrodynamic model of semiconductors with time-dependent damping in bounded domain

Hailiang Li

Ming Mei

Jianing Xu

2022 May 7
--Relaxation in a Keller-Segel-consumption system involving signal-dependent motilities

Genglin Li

Michael Winkler

2022 May 8
--Optimal large time behavior of the compressible Bipolar Navier--Stokes--Poisson system

Qing Chen

Guochun Wu

Yinghui Zhang

2022 May 9
--Fast Sinkhorn I: an O(N) algorithm for the Wasserstein-1 metric

Qichen Liao

Jing Chen

Zihao Wang

Bo Bai

Shi Jin

Hao Wu

2022 May 23
--On anisotropic non-Lipschitz restoration model: lower bound theory and iterative algorithm

Chunlin Wu

Xuan Lin

Yufei Zhao

2022 May 29
--A globally convergent Dai-Liao conjugate gradient method using quasi-Newton update for unconstrained optimization

Yuting Chen

2022 May 29
--Generalized Integral Equation Method for an Elliptic Nonlocal Equation in Measure Space

Chunxiong Zheng

Jia Yin

2022 May 29
--Robust Estimation of Effective Diffusions from Multiscale Data

Giacomo Garegnani

Andrea Zanoni

2022 May 29
--Emergent behaviors of Kuramoto model with frustration under switching topology

Tingting Zhu

2022 Jun 6
--Convergence Analysis of Structure-Preserving Numerical Methods Based on Slotboom Transformation for the Poisson--Nernst--Planck Equations

Jie Ding

Cheng Wang

Shenggao Zhou

2022 Jun 6
--On the equilibrium of the Poisson-Nernst-Planck-Bikermann model equipping with the steric and correlation effects

Jian-Guo Liu

Yijia Tang

Yu Zhao

2022 Jun 7
--Location of concentrated vortices in planar steady Euler flows

Guodong Wang

Bijun Zuo

2022 Jun 8
--Numerical Evidence of Exponential Mixing by Alternating Shear Flows

Li-Tien Cheng

Frederick Rajasekaran

Kin Yau James Wong

Andrej Zlatoš

2022 Jun 13
--A derivative-free conjugate gradient method for large-scale nonlinear systems of monotone equations

Jing Gao

Yanran Li

Mingyuan Cao

Yueting Yang

Xue Bai

2022 Jun 20
--KAM Persistence for Multiscale Generalized Hamiltonian Systems

Weichao Qian

Yong Li

Xue Yang

2022 Jun 26
--Local sensitivity analysis for the Vicsek-type self-organized hydrodynamic model

Ning Jiang

Zeng Zhang

2022 Jun 27
--The Fourier Discrepancy Function

Gennaro Auricchio

Andrea Codegoni

Stefano Gualandi

Lorenzo Zambon

2022 Jul 4
--Some models for the interaction of long and short waves in dispersive media. Part II: well-posedness.

nghiem nguyen

Chuangye Liu

2022 Jul 8
--Adaptive Central-Upwind Scheme on Triangular Grids for the Saint-Venant System

Yekaterina Epshteyn

Thuong Nguyen

2022 Jul 8
--G-mean random attractors for complex Ginzburg-Landau equations with probability-uncertain initial data

Tomás Caraballo

Zhang Chen

Dandan Yang

2022 Jul 25
--Well-Posedness and Long-Time Dynamics of Fractional Nonclassical Diffusion Equations with Locally Lipschitz Noise

Renhai Wang

Boling Guo

Chunxiao Guo

2022 Jul 25
--Unconditionally optimal error estimate of a linearized variable-time-step BDF2 scheme for nonlinear parabolic equations

Chengchao Zhao

Nan Liu

Yuheng Ma

Jiwei Zhang

2022 Aug 5
--Pointwise wave behavior of the non-isentropic Navier-Stokes equations in half space

Hailiang Li

Houzhi Tang

Haitao Wang

2022 Aug 14
--Global-in-time classical solutions to two-dimensional axisymmetric Euler system with swirl

Geng Lai

Mi Zhu

2022 Aug 15
--Thermodynamically Consistent Dynamic Boundary Conditions of Phase Field Models

Xiaobo Jing

Qi Wang

2022 Aug 15
--Data-driven, structure-preserving approximations to entropy-based moment closures for kinetic equations

William A. Porteous

M. Paul Laiu

Cory David Hauck

2022 Aug 19
--Van der Waals interactions between two hydrogen atoms: The next orders

Eric Cancès

Rafael Coyaud

L. Ridgway Scott

2022 Aug 25
--Existence Theorems for a Fourth-Order Exponential PDE Related to Crystal Surface Relaxation

Brock C. Price

Xiangsheng Xu

2022 Aug 28
--Global existence for quasilinear degenerate two-species chemotaxis system with small initial data

Ke Lin

2022 Aug 30