Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 13 (2015)

Number 4

Special Issue in Honor of George Papanicolaou’s 70th Birthday

Guest Editors: Liliana Borcea, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Shi Jin, Lenya Ryzhik, and Jack Xin


Spectral measure computations for composite materials

N. Benjamin Murphy, Elena Cherkaev, Christel Hohenegger, and Kenneth M. Golden

pp. 825-862

Internal waves coupled to surface gravity waves in three dimensions

Walter Craig, Philippe Guyenne, and Catherine Sulem

pp. 893-910

Mean Field Games and systemic risk

René Carmona, Jean-Pierre Fouque, and Li-Hsien Sun

pp. 911-933

Filtering and portfolio optimization with stochastic unobserved drift in asset returns

Jean-Pierre Fouque, Andrew Papanicolaou, and Ronnie Sircar

pp. 935-953

Ring patterns and their bifurcations in a nonlocal model of biological swarms

Andrea L. Bertozzi, Theodore Kolokolnikov, Hui Sun, David Uminsky, and James von Brecht

pp. 955-985

Determining scattering support of anisotropic acoustic mediums and obstacles

Hongyu Liu, Hongkai Zhao, and Changjian Zou

pp. 987-1000

On the explosion problem in a ball

Alexei Novikov

pp. 1025-1032