Homology, Homotopy and Applications

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Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford University, U.S.A.)

Executive Editor

Donald Davis (Lehigh University, U.S.A.)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

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--$A_\infty$-categories, their $\infty$-category, and their localizations

Hiro Lee Tanaka

Yong-Geun Oh

--The homologz of connective Morava $E$-theory with coefficients in $F_p$

Lukas Katthän

Sean Tilson

--Koszul Duality in Higher Topoi

Jonathan Samuel Beardsley

Maximilien Péroux

--E-infinity structure in hyperoctahedral homology

Daniel Graves

--Fiber integration of gerbes and Deligne line bundles

Niranjan Ramachandran

Ettore Aldrovandi

--Stable equivariant complex cobordism of the symmetric group on three elements

Po Hu

Igor Kriz

Yunze Lu

--Constructing Coproducts in locally Cartesian closed $\infty$-Categories

Jonas Frey

Nima Rasekh

--Derived universal Massey products

Fernando Muro Jiménez

--On invertible 2-dimensional framed and r-spin topological field theories

Lóránt Szegedy

--Multicategories Model All Connective Spectra

Niles Johnson

Donald Ying Wai Yau

--Extra structure on the cohomology of configuration spaces of closed orientable surfaces

Roberto Pagaria

--On the topological K-theory of twisted equivariant perfect complexes

Michael K. Brown

Tasos Moulinos

--Cyclic A_infinity-algebras and cyclic homology

Estanislao Ramoneda Herscovich

--A(nother) model for the framed little disks operad

Erik Lindell

Thomas Willwacher

--The homotopy types of $Sp(n)$-gauge groups over $\mathbb{C}P^2$

Sajjad Mohammadi

--The category of Silva spaces is not integral

Sven-Ake Wegner

Marianne Lawson

--A Degree Formula For Equivariant Cohomology Rings

Mark Blumstein

Jeanne Duflot

--Self-closeness numbers of product spaces

Pengcheng Li

--Complex orientations and TP of complete DVRs

Gabriel Angelini-Knoll

--Coformality around fibrations and cofibrations

Ruizhi Huang

--Magnitude homology of graphs and discrete Morse theory on Asao-Izumihara complexes

Yu Tajima

Masahiko Yoshinaga

--Self-Closeness Numbers of Non-Simply-Connected Spaces

Yichen Tong

--Two theorems on cohomological pairings

Ambrus Pál

Tomer Moshe Schlank

--The classifying space of the 1+1 dimensional $G$-cobordism category

Carlos Segovia González

--Homotopy type of the space of finite propagation unitary operators on Z

Tsuyoshi Kato

Daisuke Kishimoto

Mitsunobu Tsutaya

--Haefliger's approach for spherical knots modulo immersions

Neeti Gauniyal

--The homotopy-invariance of constructible sheaves

Mauro Porta

Peter J. Haine

Jean-Baptiste Teyssier

--Homology transfer products on free loop spaces: orientation reversal on spheres

Philippe Kupper