Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Newest issue

Volume 23 (2021)

Number 1


A simplicial construction for noncommutative settings

Samuel Carolus, Jacob Laubacher, and Mihai D. Staic

pp. 49-60

Gradient versus proper gradient homotopies

Piotr Bartłomiejczyk and Piotr Nowak-Przygodzki

pp. 61-76

Biased permutative equivariant categories

Kayleigh Bangs, Skye Binegar, Young Kim, Kyle Ormsby, Angélica M. Osorno, David Tamas-Parris, and Livia Xu

pp. 77-100

Unstable algebras over an operad

Sacha Ikonicoff

pp. 119-141

Truncated derived functors and spectral sequences

Hans-Joachim Baues, David Blanc, and Boris Chorny

pp. 159-189