Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Newest issue

Volume 24 (2022)

Number 1


Generalized persistence and graded structures

Eero Hyry and Markus Klemetti

pp. 27-53

Reciprocity sheaves, II

Bruno Kahn, Shuji Saito, and Takao Yamazaki

pp. 71-91

Symmetric Hochschild cohomology of twisted group algebras

Tiberiu Coconeţ and Constantin-Cosmin Todea

pp. 93-115

On the extension problem for weak moment maps

Leyli Mammadova and Leonid Ryvkin

pp. 143-159

Bousfield–Segal spaces

Raffael Stenzel

pp. 217-243

Stability of Loday constructions

Ayelet Lindenstrauss and Birgit Richter

pp. 245-269

Algebraically cofibrant and fibrant objects revisited

John Bourke and Simon Henry

pp. 271-298

An $R$-motivic $v_1$-self-map of periodicity $1$

Prasit Bhattacharya, Bertrand Guillou, and Ang Li

pp. 299-324

Cellular sheaves of lattices and the Tarski Laplacian

Robert Ghrist and Hans Riess

pp. 325-345

On the dimension of the mapping class groups of a non-orientable surface

Cristhian E. Hidber, Luis Jorge Sánchez Saldaña, and Alejandra Trujillo-Negrete

pp. 347-372