Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 8 (2006)

Number 1


Categorical homotopy theory

J. F. Jardine

pp. 71-144

Split extensions, semidirect product and holomorph of categorical groups

Stefano Kasangian, Giuseppe Metere, and Enrico M. Vitale

pp. 145-167

The operator dbar in holomorphic $K$-theory

Dana Powell Roland

pp. 187-210

Codescent theory II: cofibrant approximations

Paul Balmer and Michel Matthey

pp. 211-242

Families of Hopf algebra of trees and pre-lie algebras

Pepijn van der Laan and Ieke Moerdijk

pp. 243-256

Fibrations over aspherical manifolds

Daciberg Gonçalves and Peter Wong

pp. 257-261

A model category for local po-spaces

Peter Bubenik and Krzysztof Worytkiewicz

pp. 263-292