Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 10 (2008)

Number 1


Excision for $K$-theory of connective ring spectra

Bjørn Ian Dundas and Harald Øyen Kittang

pp. 29-39

On affine morphisms of Hopf algebroids

Geoffrey M. L. Powell

pp. 53-95

Inertia and delocalized twisted cohomology

Ulrich Bunke, Thomas Schick, and Markus Spitzweck

pp. 129-180

Betti numbers of random manifolds

Michael Farber and Thomas Kappeler

pp. 205-222

Group homology and extensions of groups

Ioannis Emmanouil and Inder Bir S. Passi

pp. 237-257

On the homotopy theory of $n$-types

Georg Biedermann

pp. 305-325

The Bousfield lattice for truncated polynomial algebras

W. G. Dwyer and J. H. Palmieri

pp. 413-436