Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 12 (2010)

Number 1


The $RO(G)$-graded Serre spectral sequence

William C. Kronholm

pp. 75-92

Hopf cyclic cohomology in braided monoidal categories

Masoud Khalkhali and Arash Pourkia

pp. 111-155

Categorified symplectic geometry and the string Lie 2-algebra

John C. Baez and Christopher L. Rogers

pp. 221-236

Divided power (co)homology. Presentations of simple finite dimensional modular Lie superalgebras with Cartan matrix

Sofiane Bouarroudj, Pavel Grozman, Alexei Lebedev, and Dimitry Leites

pp. 237-278

The classifying topos of a topological bicategory

Igor Baković and Branislav Jurčo

pp. 279-300

An algorithmic approach to Dold-Puppe complexes

Bernhard Köck and Ramesh Satkurunath

pp. 301-326

Erratum to “Cofibrations in the category of Frölicher spaces: Part I”

Brett Dugmore and Patrice Pungu Ntumba

pp. 355-356