Homology, Homotopy and Applications

Volume 13 (2011)

Number 2


On the $K$-theory and homotopy theory of the Klein bottle group

Jens Harlander and Andrew Misseldine

pp. 63-72

Coarse geometry and P. A. Smith theory

Ian Hambleton and Lucian Savin

pp. 73-102

On the algebraic $K$-theory of the coordinate axes over the integers

Vigleik Angeltveit and Teena Gerhardt

pp. 103-111

On Groebner bases and immersions of Grassmann manifolds $G_{2,n}$

Zoran Z. Petrović and Branislav I. Prvulović

pp. 113-128

L-infinity maps and twistings

Joseph Chuang and Andrey Lazarev

pp. 175-195

Support varieties and representation type of self-injective algebras

Jörg Feldvoss and Sarah Witherspoon

pp. 197-215

Stability for closed surfaces in a background space

Ralph L. Cohen and Ib Madsen

pp. 301-313

Motives of some acyclic varieties

Aravind Asok

pp. 329-335