Notices of the International Consortium of Chinese Mathematicians

Volume 1 (2013)

Number 2


Open Problems

Kefeng Liu

pp. 58-59

Prime Numbers

Frans Oort

pp. 60-78

Encounters with Masters

Lizhen Ji

pp. 85-94

Professor Chia-Chiao Lin (1916–2013)

Frank Hsia-San Shu

pp. 109-115

A Glimpse of the de Rham Era

Srishti Chatterji and Manuel Ojanguren

pp. 117-137

Memoir of my Brother Shoshichi Kobayashi

Hisashi Kobayashi

pp. 141-145

In Remembrance of Shoshichi Kobayashi

Takushiro Ochiai

pp. 152-154

Memories of Shoshichi Kobayashi

Hung-Hsi Wu

pp. 155-156

Memories of Shoshichi Kobayashi

H. Blaine Lawson

pp. 157-157

Recollections of Shoshichi Kobayashi

Joseph A. Wolf

pp. 158-158