Journal of Blockchain Research

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Hong Wan (North Carolina State University)

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Aims and Scope

Publishing original research and review articles on all aspects of blockchain technology and its principles and applications.


The Journal of Blockchain Research welcomes original research and review articles on all aspects of blockchain technology.

A blockchain is a tamper-evident, shared digital ledger that records transactions in a public or private peer-to-peer network without centralized control. The research and developmental activities related to blockchain technology can be roughly divided into two areas:

  1. Fundamental research on blockchain technology itself, such as alternative consensus algorithms that consume less energy, provide better scalability, and are more robust against cyberattacks; and
  2. Applications of the blockchain in various industry sectors, such as fintech, medicine and health, energy and power generation systems, real estate, travel, manufacturing, education, or even government. We have seen alternative consensus algorithms being proposed, such as proof of stake, that are likely to make blockchains more scalable, secure, and robust in the long term, and the potential applications of blockchains are becoming more attractive.

Topics of interest to the Journal of Blockchain Research include, but are not limited to: consensus algorithms, cyberattacks on blockchains, economic impact on cyberattacks, security and trust on permissioned blockchains, scalability of blockchains, reliability analysis on blockchain-based systems, smart contracts, and visualization of blockchain data; as well as blockchain technology applied to banking and finance, supply chains, retail, government, automotive, medicine and health care, travel and transportation, the internet of things, agriculture, etc.


Publishing since 2022.

2 issues per year.