Journal of Combinatorics

Newest issue

Volume 14 (2023)

Number 4



pp. 405-406

Generalizations of leaky forcing

Joseph S. Alameda, Jürgen Kritschgau, and Michael Young

pp. 407-424

New results and open problems on subgraph centrality

Nikita Deniskin and Michele Benzi

pp. 425-444

Pursuit-evasion games on Latin square graphs

Shreya Ahirwar, Anthony Bonato, Leanna Gittins, Alice Huang, Trent G. Marbach, and Tomer Zaidman

pp. 461-483

On a barrier height problem for RNA branching

Christine Heitsch, Chi N. Y. Huynh, and Greg Johnston

pp. 485-506

The chromatic number of squares of random graphs

Kalyan Garapaty, Daniel Lokshtanov, Hemanta K. Maji, and Alex Pothen

pp. 507-537

Hessian chain bracketing

Uwe Naumann and Shubhaditya Burela

pp. 539-558

Seven open problems in applied combinatorics

Sinan G. Aksoy, Ryan Bennink, Yuzhou Chen, José Frías, Yulia R. Gel, Bill Kay, Uwe Naumann, Carlos Ortiz Marrero, Anthony V. Petyuk, Sandip Roy, Ignacio Segovia-Dominguez, Nate Veldt, and Stephen J. Young

pp. 559-601