Methods and Applications of Analysis

Volume 12 (2005)

Number 1

Asymptotics of Some Ultra-spherical Polynomials and their Extrema

Pages: 43 – 74



Magali Ribot


Motivated by questions on the preconditioning of spectral methods, and independently of the extensive literature on the approximation of zeroes of orthogonal polynomials, either by the Sturm method, or by the descent method, we develop a stationary phase-like technique for calculating asymptotics of Legendre polynomials. The difference with the classical stationary phase method is that the phase is a nonlinear function of the large parameter and the integration variable, instead of being a product of the large parameter by a function of the integration variable. We then use an implicit functions theorem for approximating the zeroes of the derivatives of Legendre polynomials. This result is used for proving order and consistency of the residual smoothing scheme [1], [19].

Published 1 January 2005