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Duong H. Phong (Columbia University)

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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--Finite time extinction of the Kähler–Ricci flow

Jian Song

2014 Sep 16
--Generalized Unsager algebras and Grothendieck’s dessins d’enfants

Vladimir Chernousov

Philippe Gille

Arturo Pianzola

2014 Oct 8
--The projectors of the decomposition theorem are motivated

Mark Andrea A. de Cataldo

Luca Migliorini

2015 Mar 11
--An $L^4$ estimate for a singular entangled quadrilinear form

Polona Durcik

2015 Apr 25
--Collapsing of Kähler–Einstein metrics

Yuguang Zhang

2015 Aug 31
--Two dimensional Monge–Ampère equations under incomplete Holder assumptions

Qi-Rui Li

2016 May 10
--Spherical varieties with the $A_k$-property

Giuliano Gagliardi

2016 Aug 26
--Quotients of adic spaces by finite groups

David Hansen

2016 Oct 24
--A uniform random pointwise ergodic theorem

Benjamin Krause

Pavel Zorin-Kranich

2018 Jan 30
--Quantitative upper bounds for Bergman kernels associated to smooth Kähler potentials

Hamid Hezari

Hang Xu

2018 Sep 23
--Virtual abelian varieties of GL2-type

Chenyan Wu

2018 Dec 28
--From automorphisms of Riemann surfaces to smooth $4$-manifolds

Ahmet Beyaz

Patrick Naylor

Sinem Onaran

B. Doug Park

2019 Jan 6
--An example of liftings with different Hodge numbers

Shizhang Li

2019 Jan 6
--On completion of graded $D$-modules

Nicholas Switala

Wenliang Zhang

2019 Jan 14
--Stability conditions and exceptional objects in triangulated categories

Zihong Chen

2019 Jan 20
--Infinite-time singularity type of the Kähler–Ricci flow II

Yashan Zhang

2019 Feb 12
--On Hawking mass and Bartnik mass of CMC surfaces

Pengzi Miao

Yaohua Wang

Naqing Xie

2019 Feb 18
--Perelman’s $W$-functional on manifolds with conical singularities

Xianzhe Dai

Changliang Wang

2019 Feb 18
--Inverse Galois problem for del Pezzo surfaces over finite fields

Daniel Loughran

Andrey Trepalin

2019 Feb 18
--Sphere theorems for submanifolds in Kähler manifold

Linlin Sun

Jun Sun

2019 Feb 25
--Upper semi-continuity of entropy in non-compact settings

Godofredo Iommi

Mike Todd

Anibal Velozo

2019 Feb 28
--Log canonical thresholds of Burniat surfaces with $K^2=6$

In-Kyun Kim

YongJoo Shin

2019 Feb 28
--Minimal model program for log canonical threefolds in positive characteristic

Kenta Hashizume

Yusuke Nakamura

Hiromu Tanaka

2019 Mar 4
--An action of $\mathfrak{gl}(1|1)$ on odd annular Khovanov homology

J. Elisenda Grigsby

Stephan Wehrli

2019 Mar 14
--On Fano manifolds of Picard number one with big automorphism groups

Baohua Fu

Wenhao Ou

Junyi Xie

2019 Mar 22
--On $L^1$ endpoint Kato–Ponce inequality

Seungly Oh

Xinfeng Wu

2019 Mar 22
--Saddle hyperbolicity implies hyperbolicity for polynomial automorphisms of $C^2$

Romain Dujardin

2019 Apr 3
--Chekanov’s dichotomy in contact topology

Daniel Rosen

Jun Zhang

2019 Apr 30
--Period integrals in nonpositively curved manifolds

Emmett Wyman

2019 May 7
--Springer correspondence, Hyperelliptic curves, and cohomology of Fano varieties

Tsao-Hsien Chen

2019 May 28
--Discriminants of stable rank two sheaves on some general type surfaces

Benjamin Schmidt

Benjamin Sung

2019 Jun 5
--Exact dynamical decay rate for the almost Mathieu operator

Svetlana Jitomirskaya

Helge Kruger

Wencai Liu

2019 Jun 8
--WKB constructions in bidimensional magnetic wells

Yannick Bonthonneau

Nicolas Raymond

2019 Jun 8
--The Eisenbud–Green–Harris conjecture for defect two quadratic ideals

Sema Gunturkun

Melvin Hochster

2019 Jun 15
--Stability of tautological bundles on symmetric products of curves

Andreas Krug

2019 Jul 2
--Uniform boundedness for Brauer groups of forms in positive characteristic

Emiliano Ambrosi

2019 Jul 17
--On the affine Schützenberger involution

Dongkwan Kim

2019 Jul 22
--Heegaard Floer homology and splicing homology spheres

Çağrı Karakurt

Tye Lidman

Eamonn Tweedy

2019 Jul 22
--Order of contact and ruled submanifolds

Igor Uljarevic

2019 Jul 28
--Gottschalk–Hedlund theorem revisited

Xifeng Su

Philippe Thieullen

2019 Jul 31
--Lower bounds for estimates of the Schrödinger maximal function

Xiumin Du

Jongchon Kim

Hong Wang

Ruixiang Zhang

2019 Jul 31
--Modular forms of virtually real-arithmetic type I: Mixed mock modular forms yield vector-valued modular forms

Michael H. Mertens

Martin Raum

2019 Jul 31
--Nondiscreteness of $F$-thresholds

Vijaylaxmi Trivedi

2019 Aug 3
--Fourier–Mukai partners for very general special cubic fourfolds

Laura Pertusi

2019 Aug 3
--Slope filtrations of $F$-isocrystals and logarithmic decay

Joe Kramer-Miller

2019 Aug 15
--The doubling archimedean zeta integrals for $p$-adic interpolation

Zheng Liu

2019 Aug 22
--Hilbert property for double conic bundles and del Pezzo varieties

Sam Streeter

2019 Aug 22
--Knot Foer homology and strongly homotopy-ribbon concordances

Maggie Miller

Ian Zemke

2019 Aug 22
--Fourier–Mukai partners of Enriques and bielliptic surfaces in positive characteristic

Katrina Honigs

Max Lieblich

Sofia Tirabassi

2019 Sep 2
--Orientation data for coherent sheaves on the local projective plane

Yun Shi

2019 Oct 7
--Rational curves on elliptic $K3$ surfaces

Salim Tayou

2019 Oct 7
--Low regularity conservation laws for the Benjamin–Ono equation

Blaine Talbut

2019 Oct 7
--Arithmetic surjectivity for zero-cycles

Damián Gvirtz

2019 Oct 14
--4D $N=2$ SCFT and singularity theory part IV: Isolated rational Gorenstein non-complete intersection singularities with at least one-dimensional deformation and $T^2$

Bingyi Chen

Stephen S. T. Yau

Shing-Tung Yau

Huaiqing Zuo

2019 Oct 14
--Construction of $G2$-instantons via twisted connected sums

Grégoire Menet

Johannes Nordström

Henrique Sá Earp

2019 Oct 14
--Probabilistic representation for mild solution of the Navier–Stokes equations

Christian Olivera

2019 Oct 26
--qKZ/tRS duality via quantum $K$-theoretic counts

Peter Koroteev

Anton Zeitlin

2019 Oct 26
--Complex Finsler vector bundles with positive Kobayashi curvature

Huitao Feng

Kefeng Liu

Xueyuan Wan

2019 Oct 26
--Weight modules of quantized Weyl algebras

Vyacheslav Futorny

Laurent Rigal

Andrea Solotar

2019 Nov 12
--On the Hodge structures of compact hyperkähler manifolds

Andrey Soldatenkov

2019 Nov 12
--Faithfulness of top local cohomology modules in domains

Melvin Hochster

Jack Jeffries

2019 Nov 20
--Holomorphic maps between closed $SU(\ell , m)$-orbits in Grassmannian

Sung-Yeon Kim

2019 Dec 11
--Period integrals of vector bundle sections and tautological systems

An Huang

Bong H. Lian

Shing-Tung Yau

Chenglong Yu

2019 Dec 23
--Applications of nonarchimedean developments to archimedean nonvanishing results for twisted $L$-functions

Ellen Eischen

2019 Dec 23
--Contractibility results for certain spaces of Riemannian metrics on the disc

Alessandro Carlotto

Damin Wu

2019 Dec 23
--Depth preserving property of the local Langlands correspondence for non-quasi-split unitary groups

Masao Oi

2020 Jan 15
--Mapping class group is generated by three involutions

Mustafa Korkmaz

2020 Jan 15
--On continuity of drifts of the mapping class group

Hidetoshi Masai

2020 Jan 27
--Virtual counts on Quot schemes and the higher rank local DT/PT correspondence

Sjoerd V. Beentjes

Andrea T. Ricolfi

2020 Jan 27
--The Birman exact sequence does not virtually split

Lei Chen

Nick Salter

2020 Feb 24
--The $P=W$ identity for cluster varieties

Zili Zhang

2020 Feb 24
--Hörmander–Fourier multiplier theorems with optimal regularity in the bi-parameter Besov spaces

Jiao Chen

Liang Huang

Guozhen Lu

2020 Feb 24
--Examples of contact mapping classes of infinite order in all dimensions

Fabio Gironella

2020 Mar 13
--Commutative subalgebras of $U(q)$ of maximal transcendence degree

Oksana S. Yakimova

2020 Mar 13
--On Galois descent of complete intersections

Marta Pieropan

2020 Mar 13
--Partial data inverse problems with quadratic nonlinearities

Katya Krupchyk, Gunther Uhlmann

2020 Mar 13
--Asymptotic behavior of the nonlinear Schr"{o}dinger equation on exterior domain

Zhen-Hu Ning

2020 Mar 20
--Two-solvable and two-bipolar knots with large four-genera

Jae Choon Cha, Allison N. Miller, Mark Powell

2020 Mar 20
--Weyl symbols and boundedness of Toeplitz operators

Lewis A. Coburn, Michael Hitrik, Johannes Sjöstrand, Francis White

2020 Mar 20
--Estimates for metrics of constant Chern scalar curvature

Xi Sisi Shen

2020 Mar 20
--Some criteria for uniform K-stability

Chuyu Zhou, Ziquan Zhuang

2020 Mar 25
--Semiorthogonal decompositions of equivariant derived categories of invariant divisors

Bronson Lim, Alexander Polishchuk

2020 Mar 29
--Monge-Ampère measures on contact sets

Eleonora Di Nezza, Stefano Trapani

2020 Mar 29
--The Hall Algebras of Annuli

Benjamin Cooper, Peter Samuelson

2020 Apr 1
--Moduli space of logarithmic connections singular over a finite subset of a compact Riemann surface

Anoop Singh

2020 Apr 1
--The Dehn twist on a sum of two K3 surfaces

Peter Kronheimer, Tomasz Mrowka

2020 Apr 7
--Poitou--Tate sequence for complex of tori over p-adic function fields

Yisheng Tian

2020 Apr 25
--Explicit fundamental gap estimates for some convex domains in $mathbb H^2$

Theodora Bourni, Julie Clutterbuck, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Alina Stancu, Guofang Wei, Valentina-Mira Wheeler

2020 Apr 25
--Lagrangian time-analyticity for the Euler equations in a Sobolev domain

Juhi Jang, Igor Kukavica, Linfeng Li

2020 Apr 25
--On the existence of specialization isomorphisms of admissible fundamental groups in positive characteristic

Yu Yang

2020 Apr 25
--On the $RO(G)$-graded coefficients of dihedral equivariant cohomology

Igor Kriz, Yunze Lu

2020 May 3
--Grothendieck rings of periplectic Lie superalgebras

Mee Seong Im, Shifra Reif, Vera Serganova

2020 May 3

Xiaolong Li, Kui Wang

2020 May 3
--Gelfand-Tsetlin modules for gl(m|n)

Vyacheslav Futorny, Vera Serganova, Jian Zhang

2020 May 3
--On the four vertex theorem for curves on locally convexsurfaces

Shibing Chen, Xu-Jia Wang, Bin Zhou

2020 May 9
--Global uniqueness of the minimal sphere in the Atiyah-Hitchin manifold

Chung-Jun Tsai, Mu-Tao Wang

2020 May 20
--Einstein Manifolds, Self-Dual Weyl Curvature, and Conformally Kaehler Geometry

Claude LeBrun

2020 May 25
--A new proof of Bowers-Stephenson conjecture

Xu Xu

2020 May 25
--Liouville type theorems on manifolds with nonnegative curvature and strictly convex boundary

Qianqiao Guo, Fengbo Hang, Xiaodong Wang

2020 May 25
--Average size of the automorphism group of smooth projective hypersurfaces over finite fields

Vlad Matei

2020 Jun 2
--Flat conical Laplacian in the square of the canonical bundle and its regularized determinants

Alexey Kokotov

2020 Jun 2
--A new example of robustly transitive diffeomorphism

Pablo Carrasco, Davi Obata

2020 Jun 12