Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 3 (1996)

Number 5

Examples of Domains with Non-Compact Automorphism Groups

Pages: 609 – 617



Siqi Fu (University of California at Riverside)

A. V. Isaev (The Australian National University)

S. G. Krantz (Washington University)


{We give an example of a bounded, pseudoconvex, circular domain in ${\Bbb C}^n$ for any $n\ge 3$ with smooth real-analytic boundary and non-compact automorphism group, which is not biholomorphically equivalent to any Reinhardt domain. We also give an analogous example in ${\Bbb C}^2$, where the domain is bounded, non-pseudoconvex and such that the boundary is smooth real-analytic at all points except one and is $C^{1,\alpha}$-smooth at the exceptional point.}

Published 1 January 1996