Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 6 (1999)

Number 4


Hereditary Properties of Direct Summands of Algebras

Hanspeter Kraft, Lance W. Small, and Nolan R. Wallach

pp. 371-375

Distribution of resonances and local energy decay in the transmission problem. II

Fernando Cardoso, Georgi Popov, and Georgi Vodev

pp. 377-396

Four-Manifold Geography and Superconformal Symmetry

Marcos Mariño, Gregory Moore, and Grigor Peradze

pp. 429-437

Lattices in Kac-Moody groups

Lisa Carbone and Howard Garland

pp. 439-447


Errata to “Multilinear estimates and fractional integration”

Carlos E. Kenig and Elias M. Stein

pp. 467-467