Mathematical Research Letters

Volume 25 (2018)

Number 3


On the slope of fourgonal semistable fibrations

Valentina Beorchia and Francesco Zucconi

pp. 723-757

Representation varieties detect essential surfaces

Stefan Friedl, Takahiro Kitayama, and Matthias Nagel

pp. 803-817

Higher decay inequalities for multilinear oscillatory integrals

Maxim Gilula, Philip T. Gressman, and Lechao Xiao

pp. 819-842

Configurations of FK Ising interfaces and hypergeometric SLE

Antti Kemppainen and Stanislav Smirnov

pp. 875-889

Higher dimensional black hole initial data with prescribed boundary metric

Armando J. Cabrera Pacheco and Pengzi Miao

pp. 937-956

Finite groups of birational selfmaps of threefolds

Yuri Prokhorov and Constantin Shramov

pp. 957-972

Central leaves in loop groups

Eva Viehmann and Han Wu

pp. 989-1008

Quantum correspondences of affine Lie superalgebras

Ying Xu and R. B. Zhang

pp. 1009-1036