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Accepted Papers Currently Awaiting Publication

For IssueSeq.TitleAuthor(s)Date of Acceptance
--$\mathbb{P}^1$-fibrations in F-theory and String Dualities

Lara B. Anderson

James Gray

Mohsen Karkheiran

Paul-Konstantin Oehlmann

Nikhil Raghuram

2022 Apr 16
--A binary operation on irreducible components of Lusztig's nilpotent varieties {I}: definition and properties

Avraham Rami Aizenbud

Erez Moshe Lapid

2022 Feb 4
--A binary operation on irreducible components ofLusztig's nilpotent varieties {II}: applications and conjectures for representations of $GL_n$ over a non-archimedean local field

Erez Moshe Lapid

Alberto Mínguez Espallargas

2022 Jan 3
--A greedy algorithm for the connected positive influence dominating set in $k$-regular graphs

Mengmeng He

Bo Hou

Wen Liu

Weili Wu

Ding-Zhu Zhu Du

Suogang Gao

2022 Apr 5
--A note on continuous entropy

Roberto Longo

Edward Witten

2022 Apr 27
--A note on finite determinacy of matrices

Thuy Huong Pham

Pedro Macias Marques

--A note on the primitive cohomology lattice of a projective surface

Chris Peters

2022 Jan 21
--A remark on calibrations and Lie groups

Nigel James Hitchin

2022 Jan 16
--A view on elliptic integrals from primitive forms

Kyoji Saito

--About commuting Sasaki structures

Paul Gauduchon

2022 May 6
--Affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties associated with generic Newton points

Xuhua He

2021 Nov 15
--Almost duality for Saito structure and complex reflection groups II: the case of Coxeter and Shephard groups

Yukiko Konishi

Satoshi Minabe

--Categorification of Legendrian knots

Tatsuki Kuwagaki

--Character sheaves for symmetric pairs: spin groups

Ting Xue

2022 Apr 11
--Classification of the nilradical of $k$-th Yau algebras arising from singularities

Naveed Hussain

Stephen Shing-Toung Yau

Huaiqing Zuo

2021 Dec 30
--Cohomology jump loci of quasi-compact Kähler manifolds

Nero Budur

Botong Wang

--Conformally natural extensions of vector fields and applications

Jinhua Fan

Jun Hu

2022 May 9
--Connectedness of Milnor Fibres and Stein factorization of compactifiable holomorphic functions

Helmut Hamm

--Critical points of master functions and Mkdv hierarchy of type c(1) n

Alexander Varchenko

Tyler Woodruff

--Curvature in the Balance: The Weyl Functional and Scalar Curvature of 4-Manifolds

Claude R. LeBrun

2022 Apr 4
--Curve counting on $A_n \times C^2$

Yalong Cao

--Differential of a Period Mapping at a Singularity

Mark Green

Phillip Augustus Griffiths

2022 May 23
--Dimensional Reduction of B-fields in F-theory

Sheldon H. Katz

Washington Taylor

2022 May 13
--Disjointness of Möbius from asymptotically periodic functions

Fei Wei

2022 Jan 31
--Eigenvalue sum estimates for lattice subgraphs

Frank Bauer

Gábor Lippner

2021 Sep 13
--Enumerative Geometry of the Mirror Quintic

David Robert Morrison

Sheldon H. Katz

2022 Mar 28
--Equivariant geometry of odd-dimensional complete intersections of two quadrics

Brendan Edward Hassett

Yuri Tschinkel

2022 Feb 27
--Error estimate for the approximate solution to multivariate feedback particle filter

Wenhui Dong

Xingbao Gao

2022 Apr 25
--Even sets of nodes and Gauss genus theory

Arnaud Beauville

2021 Jun 28
--Extended clutching construction for the moduli of stable curves

Alexander Polishchuk

2022 May 13
--Factorization algebras and abelian CS/WZW-type correspondences

Brian R. Williams

Owen Gwilliam

Eugene Rabinovich

2021 Jul 13
--Functional equations of polygonal type for multiple polylogarithms in weights 5, 6 and 7

Steven Charlton

Herbert Gangl

Danylo Radchenko

2022 Jan 17
--Generalization of the Weierstrass ℘ function and Maass lifts of weak Jacobi forms

Hiroki Aoki

--Generating Picard modular forms by means of invariant theory

Fabien Cléry

Gerard B. M. van der Geer

2022 Feb 20
--Geometric vs Algebraic Nullity for Hyperpaths

Joshua Nathan Cooper

Grant Fickes

2022 Mar 13
--Hilbert schemes of K3 surfaces, generalized Kummer, and cobordism classes of hyper-Kähler manifolds

Georg Oberdieck

Jieao Song

Claire Voisin

2022 Apr 5
--Hodge Classes on the Moduli Space Of W(E6)-Covers and theGeometry Of A6

Valery Alexeev

Ron Yehuda Donagi

Gavril Marius Farkas

Elham Izadi

Angela Ortega Ortega

2022 Apr 20
--Hyperbolic domains in real Euclidean spaces

Barbara Drinovec-Drnovšek

Franc Forstnerič

2022 Jan 21
--Immaculate line bundles on toric varieties

Klaus Altmann

Jarosław Buczyński

Lars Kastner

Anna-Lena Winz

--Internal symmetry of the $L_{\leqslant 3}$ algebra arising from a Lie pair

Dadi Ni

Jiahao Cheng

Zhuo Chen

Chen He

2022 Jun 27
--Invariants of the Weyl group of type $A(2) 2l$

Kenji Iohara

Yoshihisa Saito

--Iterated collapsing phenomenon on $G_2$-manifolds

Yang Li

2022 Feb 5
--Localization and Standard Modules For Real Semisimple Lie Groups Ii: Irreducibility, Vanishing Theorems and Classification

Henryk Hecht

Dragan Miličić

Wilfried Schmid

Joseph Albert Wolf

2022 Apr 16
--Lower bounds for Steklov eigenfunctions

Jeffrey Eric Galkowski

John Andrew Toth

2022 May 3
--Masses at null infinity for Einstein's equations in harmonic coordinates

Lili He

Hans Lindblad

2022 Mar 30
--Meromorphic connections in filtered A∞ categories

Hiroshi Ohta

Fumihiko Sanda

--Modular forms from the Weierstrass functions

Hiroki Aoki

Kyoji Saito

--Moishezon Morphisms

János Kollár

2021 Jun 30
--More Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma conjectures: the case of Bessel subgroups

Wei Zhang

2022 Jan 12
--On $p$-integrality of instanton numbers

Frits Beukers

Masha Vlasenko

2022 May 13
--On finite multiple zeta values of level two

Masanobu Kaneko

Takuya Murakami

Amane Yoshihara

2022 Feb 27
--On modular categories O for quantized symplectic resolutions

Ivan V. Losev

2022 Apr 5
--On refined count of rational tropical curves

Eugenii Shustin

--On squares of Hecke eigenforms

Winfried Kohnen

2021 May 25
--On the almost generic covers of the projective plane

Viktor Stepanovich Kulikov

--On the area formulas of inscribed polygons in classical geometry

Yohei Komori

Runa Umezawa

Takuro Yasui

--On the BV structure on the Cohomology of Moduli space

Sümeyra Sakallı

Alexander A. Voronov

--On the computation of character values for finiteChevalley groups of exceptional type

Meinolf Geck

2022 Jun 27
--On the dimension of Dolbeault harmonic (1,1)-forms on almost Hermitian manifolds

Riccardo Piovani

Adriano Tomassini

2022 May 18
--On the orbifold Euler characteristics of dual invertible polynomials with non-abelian symmetry groups

Wolfgang Ebeling

Sabir Medgidovich Gusein-Zade

--On the topology of elliptic singularities

András Némethi

János Nagy

--On the vanishing of adjoint Bloch--Kato Selmer groups of irreducible automorphic Galois representations

Jack A. Thorne

2022 Mar 6
--On three homework problems from Vaughan Jones

Feng Xu

2022 May 9
--Open Gromov-Witten Invariants and Mirror Maps for Semi-Fano Toric Manifolds

Kwokwai Chan

Siu-Cheong Lau

Naichung Conan Leung

Hsian-Hua Tseng

--Parametrization simple irreducible curve singularities in arbitrary characteristic

Hong-Duc Nguyen

--PBW bases for modified quantum groups

Weiqiang Wang

2021 Dec 9
--Perverse sheaves, nilpotent Hessenberg varieties, and the modular law

Martha E. Precup

Eric Nathan Sommers

2022 Apr 5
--Planar Diagrammatics of Self-Adjoint Functors and Recognizable Tree Series

Mikhail G. Khovanov

Robert Uwe Laugwitz

2021 Oct 30
--Positivity of $\imath$ canonical bases of type AIII/AIV

Huanchen Bao

2022 Jan 5
--Quantization of continuum Kac–Moody algebras

Francesco Sala

Andrea Appel

--Quasi-random graphs of given density and Ramsey numbers

Qizhong Lin

Yusheng Li

2022 Mar 24
--Real quadratic Borcherds products

Henri René Darmon

Jan Bert Vonk

2022 Apr 20
--Remarks on the ABG Induction Theorem

Terrell Hodge

Paramasamy Karuppuchamy

Leonard Lewy Scott

2022 Mar 28
--Residual finiteness for central extensions of lattices in $PU(n,1)$ and negatively curved projective varieties

Matthew Stover

Domingo Toledo

2021 Sep 18
--Ricci-flat 5-regular graphs

Heidi Lei

Shuliang Bai

2021 Sep 29
--Roots of Bernstein-Sato polynomials of certain homogeneous polynomials with two-dimensional singular loci

Morihiko Saito

--Seismic imaging with generalized Radon transforms: stability of the Bolker Assumption

Peer Christian Kunstmann

Eric Todd Quinto

Andreas Rieder

2022 May 3
--Shuffle algebras and perverse sheaves

Mikhail M. Kapranov

Vadim Schechtman

--Singular plane sections and the conics in the Fermat quintic threefold

Anca Magdalena Mustaţǎ

2022 Apr 5
--Singular Tur\'{a}n numbers of stars

Gaoxing Sun

Heng Li

Qinghou Zeng

Jianfeng Hou

2022 May 3
--Singularities of Normal Quartic Surfaces II (CHAR=2)

Fabrizio M. E. Catanese

Matthias Schütt

2022 May 23
--Solution of two-dimensional optimal control problem using Legendre Block-pulse polynomial basis

S. Mohsen Hosseini

Fahimeh Soltanian

Kamal Mamehrashi

2022 Feb 23
--Special cycles for Shtukas are closed

Zhiwei Yun

2022 Mar 13
--Spectral extremal results on the $\alpha$-index of graphs without minors and star forests

Mingzhu Chen

A-Ming Liu

Xiao-Dong Zhang

2022 Mar 28
--Stability and bifurcations of symmetric tops

Eugene Michael Lerman

2022 Apr 5
--Standard Conjectures and Height Pairings

Shou-Wu Zhang

2022 May 9
--Symplectic geometric flows

Teng Fei

Duong Hong Phong

2022 May 30
--The $\ell$-Operator and Real Holomorphic Vector Fields

Friedrich Haslinger

Dương Ngọc Sơn

2021 Dec 5
--The algebra of derivations of quasi-modular forms from mirror symmetry

Murad Alim

Martin Vogrin

Vadym Kurylenko

2022 Feb 23
--The Based Rings of Two-sided cells in an Affine Weyl group of type $\tilde B_3$, II

Yannan Qiu

Nanhua Xi

2022 Apr 27
--The Fourier-Mukai transform made easy

Christian Schnell

2022 Jan 3
--The genericity theorem for the essential dimension of tame stacks

Giulio Bresciani

Angelo Vistoli

2022 Feb 19
--The Isoperimetric Problem in Riemannian Optical Geometry

Henri P. Roesch

Marcus C. Werner

--the local and global versions of the Whittaker category

Dennis Gaitsgory

--The road to GGP

Benedict H. Gross

2021 Jan 19
--Trace ideals, normalization chains, and endomorphism rings

Eleonore Faber

--Twisted Composition Algebras and Arthur Packets for Triality Spin (8)

Wee Teck Gan

Gordan Savin

2022 Jan 10
--Twisted Milnor hypersurfaces I.

Jingfang Lian

Fei Han

Zhi Lü

Hao Li

2022 Feb 4
--Weighted Uniform Diophantine Approximation of systems of linear forms

Dmitry Ya. Kleinbock

Anurag Rao

2022 Mar 3