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General Information

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Please submit your new paper for consideration through Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly’s online editorial platform.

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Authoring Template/Instructions: Available here.

Consent-to-Publish: Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the author(s) must sign and submit a consent-to-publish agreement to International Press.

Copyright: Author has the option to retain copyright of his or her paper.

Paper format(s) of initial submission. Required: Adobe PDF file.

Paper format(s) upon acceptance. Required: LaTeX, author-compiled Adobe PDF as reference. Preferred: LaTeX 2e, using the specified LaTeX 2e authoring template.

About Submissions

It is recommended that you prepare your paper using the PAMQ-specific Latex authoring package. Figures should be compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

Complete addresses of all the paper’s authors—including mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and fax numbers—should be included with your submission.

If we do not acknowledge receipt of your submission within four (4) weeks, please contact us.

Selection and Acceptance

Upon acceptance of your paper for publication in PAMQ, it is strongly recommended that the final paper you submit has been prepared using the PAMQ-specific Latex authoring package.