Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly

Volume 4 (2008)

Number 2


From Solitons to Many-Body Systems

David Ben-Zvi and Thomas Nevins

pp. 319-362

Local Holomorphic Euler Characteristic and Instanton Decay

E. Gasparim, T. Koppe, and P. Majumdar

pp. 363-382

The Regeneration of a 5-point

Michael Friedman and Mina Teicher

pp. 383-426

Dual Double EPW-sextics and Their Periods

Kieran G. O'Grady

pp. 427-468

New Calculations in Gromov-Witten Theory

D. Maulik and R. Pandharipande

pp. 469-500

Rationality of R2 and R3

Igor V. Dolgachev

pp. 501-508

Fibrations Meromorphes Sur Certaines Varietes a Fibre Canonique Trivial

Ekaterina Amerik and Frederic Campana

pp. 509-546

The Classification of Surfaces with pg = q = 0 Isogenous to a Product of Curves

I. C. Bauer, F. Catanese, and F. Grunewald

pp. 547-586