Surveys in Differential Geometry

Volume 7 (2002)

Papers dedicated to Atiyah, Bott, Hirzebruch, and Singer

Editors: Yau


Holomorphic spheres in loop groups and Bott periodicity

R. L. Cohen, E. Lupercio, and G. B. Segal

pp. 83-106

Moment map and diffeomorphisms

S. K. Donaldson

pp. 107-127

Equivariant de Rham theory and graphs

V. Guillemin and C. Zara

pp. 221-257

Morse theory and Stokes’ theorem

F. R. Harvey and H. B. Lawson

pp. 259-311

Which Singer is that?

R. V. Kadison

pp. 347-373

Mirror Principle. III

B. H. Lian, K. Liu, and S.-T. Yau

pp. 433-474

Mirror Principle. IV

B. H. Lian, K. Liu, and S.-T. Yau

pp. 475-496

On Ricci-flat twistor theory

R. Penrose

pp. 555-564

On the geometry of nilpotent orbits

W. Schmid and K. Vilonen

pp. 565-623