Statistics and Its Interface

Volume 14 (2021)

Number 3


Robust regression model for ordinal response

Ao Yuan, Chongyang Duan, and Ming T. Tan

pp. 243-254

Extracting scalar measures from functional data with applications to placebo response

Thaddeus Tarpey, Eva Petkova, Adam Ciarleglio, and Robert Todd Ogden

pp. 255-265

A test against the stratified additive hazards model

Yanqin Feng, Xin Yuan, and Shishun Zhao

pp. 267-277

Community detection for statistical citation network by D-SCORE

Tianchen Gao, Rui Pan, Siyu Wang, Yuehan Yang, and Yan Zhang

pp. 279-294

Residual-based tree for clustered binary data

Rong Xia, Christopher R. Friese, and Mousumi Banerjee

pp. 295-308

Inference in a mixture additive hazards cure model

Dongxiao Han, Haijin He, Liuquan Sun, Xinyuan Song, and Wei Xu

pp. 323-338

Generalized Newton–Raphson algorithm for high dimensional LASSO regression

Yueyong Shi, Jian Huang, Yuling Jiao, Yicheng Kang, and Hu Zhang

pp. 339-350