We use EditFlow to track submissions.

Papers may be submitted to any Editor. An Editor may submit a paper for HHA to another Editor where it will obtain the usual refereeing process.

The handling Editor is responsible for finding referees (typically one or two, as appropriate). Please ask referees to follow the Guidelines for Referees. The handling Editor makes the final decision about acceptance or rejection. The number of articles submitted to HHA has been increasing and we currently have a backlog of accepted articles, so we ask editors to adhere to very high standards when making decisions. For long articles, e.g. articles over 30 pages in HHA format, please consult with the Managing Editors before acceptance. (It is also be a good idea to consult with the Managing Editors before requesting substantial revisions to such papers.) See the Guidelines for Referees for details.

The decision on acceptance or rejection is communicated to the to the submitter by the handling Editor using EditFlow. In the case of acceptance, the handling Editor ensures that the appropriate revisions are made and asks the authors to submit a latex file and a matching pdf file following the author guidelines. Please be sure to remind the submitter to follow the guidelines.

Once the author uploads the files to EditFlow, the Managing Editors oversee the copyediting and send proofs to the submitter by e-mail. The submitter sends comments on the proofs to the Managing Editors. When the final version is ready, it is posted immediately on the web site. When the issue is complete, International Press prints it based on the files on the website.

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