Usage statistics

Open-access journals

The following journals are completely free and open-access online, and therefore have no institution-specific usage statistics:

Journal of Differential Geometry

For this journal, COUNTER-5 usage statistics are available on demand and at no charge, from Project Euclid, the online hosting platform of the journal.

A one-time registration with Project Euclid is all that is required. To register, please contact Project Euclid.

Once you have registered, you can view usage statistics for the Journal of Differential Geometry whenever you wish, by logging in to your Library Administration Account.

For further information, or for assistance in obtaining usage statistics for the Journal of Differential Geometry, please visit Project Euclid’s Library Resources page or contact Project Euclid for assistance.

All other International Press journals

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide web site usage statistics reports to journals other than the Journal of Differential Geometry, due to technical limitations. We intend to implement usage statistics tracking for all our journals at some point in the future.