Asian Journal of Mathematics

Volume 9 (2005)

Number 4


Focal Loci in G(1,n)

Enrique Arrondo, Marina Bertolini, and Cristina Turrini

pp. 449-472

Some Exceptional Phenomena in Multifractal Formalism: Part II

De-Jun Feng, Ka-Sing Lau, Ka-Sing Lau, Xiang-Yang Wang, and Xiang-Yang Wang

pp. 473-488

Maximal Subbundles of Parabolic Vector Bundles

Usha N. Bhosle and Indranil Biswas

pp. 497-522

Fano Manifolds with Long Extremal Rays

Marco Andreatta and Gianluca Occhetta

pp. 523-544