Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 6 (2008)

Number 4


S-ROCK methods for stiff Ito SDEs

A. Abdulle and T. Li

pp. 845-868

Metrics defined by Bregman Divergences

P. Chen, Y. Chen, and M. Rao

pp. 915-926

Metrics defined by Bregman divergences: Part 2

P. Chen, Y. Chen, and M. Rao

pp. 927-948

On/off-state design of semiconductor doping models

M. Burger, R. Pinnau, and M.-T. Wolfram

pp. 1021-1041

Finite volume schemes on Lorentzian manifolds

P. Amorim, P. G. LeFloch, and B. Okutmustur

pp. 1059-1086

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