Communications in Mathematical Sciences

Volume 13 (2015)

Number 1


Numerical method for optimal control problems governed by nonlinear hyperbolic systems of PDEs

Michael Herty, Alexander Kurganov, and Dmitry Kurochkin

pp. 15-48

General splitting methods for abstract semilinear evolution equations

Juan Pablo Borgna, Mariano de Leo, Diego Rial, and Constanza Sánchez de la Vega

pp. 83-101

A dual algorithm for a class of augmented convex signal recovery models

Hui Zhang, Lizhi Cheng, and Wotao Yin

pp. 103-112

Cauchy problem of the magnetohydrodynamic Burgers system

Hai-Yang Jin, Zhi-An Wang, and Linjie Xiong

pp. 127-151

Global well-posedness of stochastic Burgers system

Boling Guo, Yongqian Han, and Guoli Zhou

pp. 153-169

Exact solutions of one-dimensional total generalized variation

Christiane Pöschl and Otmar Scherzer

pp. 171-202

Numerical resolution of an anisotropic non-linear diffusion problem

Stéphane Brull, Fabrice Deluzet, and Alexandre Mouton

pp. 203-224

Global existence for two extended Navier-Stokes systems

Mihaela Ignatova, Gautam Iyer, James P. Kelliher, Robert L. Pego, and Arghir D. Zarnescu

pp. 249-267

Optimal transport for particle image velocimetry

Martial Agueh, Boualem Khouider, and Louis-Philippe Saumier

pp. 269-296